Gaining Value From Your Product Recommendations: Cross-selling on Any Device

15 December 2023

By: Sagittarius

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According to a study by Barilliance, personalised product recommendations account for up to 31% of e-commerce site revenues. Shoppers have come to expect tailored product suggestions that cater to their individual preferences and needs. 

That being said, providing consistent recommendations across all devices is a challenge where many home and furniture brands are falling short. Brands should utilise customer data from whatever device to surface relevant product recommendations at all shopping opportunities. 

The Device Dilemma

Customers are used to switching between their smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, whilst shopping.

  • Missed Sales: The cross-device journey of a customer can become a double-edged sword. Consider this scenario: a customer browses your website on their mobile device, captivated by a specific product. However, when they switch to their desktop later, the same product fails to make an appearance in the recommendations. This discrepancy creates a missed sales opportunity. The potential customer, expecting a seamless transition, may not find the product they were interested in, leading to a lost sale. Addressing this dilemma is crucial for maximising revenue and ensuring that every potential sale is captured, regardless of the device in use.
  • Frustration: Inconsistency in recommendations across devices has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Imagine a shopper encountering a product on their tablet, excited about the prospect of purchasing it, only to be unable to locate it later on their desktop. This disconnect can cause frustration and confusion, detracting from the overall shopping experience. Frustrated customers are more likely to abandon their carts or, worse, seek out competitors offering a more seamless and consistent journey. To retain customers and encourage repeat business, it is imperative to address the frustrations stemming from inconsistent recommendations.
  • Lost Opportunities: Each device a customer uses captures a unique aspect of their behaviour and preferences. Overlooking the diversity of data emanating from different devices can result in lost opportunities to understand and cater to the intricacies of a customer’s needs effectively. For instance, a smartphone may capture on-the-go preferences, while a desktop may reveal more deliberate and researched choices. Ignoring these nuances means missing out on tailoring recommendations that align precisely with a customer’s diverse behaviours. Recognising and harnessing the power of this multifaceted data is essential to delivering a truly personalised and effective shopping experience.

How to Ensure Consistent Recommendations

To provide consistent recommendations across all devices, consider the following strategies:

  1. Cross-Device Data Integration: Invest in tools and systems that specialise in collecting and integrating data specifically related to home and furniture preferences. By understanding a customer’s preferences for styles, colours, and materials, you can create a more comprehensive and personalised view. This tailored data integration allows for recommendations that align with a customer’s unique taste in home decor, whether they’re exploring on a desktop or swiping on a mobile device.
  2. Responsive Design: In the furniture industry, visual appeal is crucial. Ensure your website boasts a responsive design that adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes. This guarantees that the layout and presentation of recommended furniture pieces remain aesthetically pleasing and practical across all devices. A well-designed and responsive interface is not only visually engaging but also reinforces the trust in your recommendations for creating harmonious living spaces.
  3. Persistent Customer Profiles: Create and maintain persistent customer profiles that store data on specific home and furniture preferences. Regardless of the device a customer is using, having access to their historical choices ensures that your recommendations are not only relevant but also reflective of their evolving taste in home decor. This continuity in personalisation fosters a sense of connection and reliability, encouraging customers to explore and invest in pieces that resonate with their unique style.
  4. Regular Testing: Stay attuned to the latest trends and styles in the home and furniture industry. Regularly test and fine-tune your recommendation algorithms to align with changing customer preferences and industry trends. By incorporating the latest design elements and styles into your recommendations, you can position your brand as a trendsetter in the home decor space, offering customers suggestions that are not only consistent but also on the cutting edge of style.
  5. Feedback Loops: Encourage customers to actively participate in shaping their home shopping experience by providing feedback. Construct feedback loops that allow users to share their thoughts on the furniture and decor recommendations they receive. This valuable input serves as a direct line to understanding customer preferences and helps refine and optimise your personalisation efforts for the unique demands of the home and furniture industry.


Achieving consistency in recommendations across devices in the home and furniture industry demands a tailored approach. Providing personalised recommendations that are uniform across all devices is a critical component of delivering a seamless shopping experience. By understanding the importance of consistency and implementing the right strategies, you can minimise lost sales, reduce missed orders, and ultimately, drive the success of your online business. Don’t let inconsistent recommendations stand in the way of your e-commerce potential.

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