Sagittarius Attains Silver Partner Status with Ucommerce

26 May 2023

By: Abi Walker, Digital Marketing and Content Executive

Category: News

Sagittarius is thrilled to announce its recent achievement of Silver Partner status with Ucommerce, a renowned provider of e-commerce solutions. This exciting milestone marks a significant step forward in Sagittarius’ mission to drive digital excellence and empower brands worldwide.

The recognition as a Silver Partner comes from Sagittarius’ exceptional collaboration with Jacksons Fencing, a valued client that has been instrumental in showcasing the agency’s expertise and capabilities. By seamlessly upgrading to Sitecore 10 and Ucommerce 9, Sagittarius has demonstrated its commitment to delivering groundbreaking and innovative solutions that exceed client expectations.

Kingsley Hibbert, the Chief Technology Officer at Sagittarius, has personally identified the Jacksons Fencing project as a testament to the agency’s visionary approach. With this project, Sagittarius has enhanced its technical proficiency and solidified its position as a leading force in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The Silver Partner status with Ucommerce further strengthens Sagittarius’ portfolio of achievements and reinforces the agency’s commitment to providing cutting-edge e-commerce solutions. As a Silver Partner, Sagittarius gains access to a wealth of resources, support, and industry insights from Ucommerce, empowering the agency to deliver more excellent value to its clients.

To learn more about Sagittarius’ journey to Silver Partner status with Ucommerce and explore the exciting possibilities this partnership brings, visit the full article on the Ucommerce website:

Stay tuned for more remarkable achievements as Sagittarius continues to drive digital transformation and create exceptional experiences for brands across the globe!

Sagittarius Agency Attains Silver Partner Status with Ucommerce

About Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is a Sitecore Platinum Partner and an award-winning digital agency that can help you optimise your web experience. With over 40 years of experience, we have a multinational team of innovators, visionaries, strategists, and problem solvers who can take a marketing-first approach to your development. Our focus on performance and measurement delivers impressive ROI on your technology investment. We specialise in Sitecore as a complete or composable DXP platform and offer our own Sitecore Optimisation Consultancy and training academy to empower your people.


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