Benefits of Sitecore XM Cloud

1 October 2023

By: Issy Stephen, Sitecore Optimisation Consultant

Category: Sitecore

In an ever-changing digital landscape, brands are looking for ways to grab the consumer’s attention best whether that be B2B or B2C. For brands to succeed in this changing landscape, they need to gain better control over their content. To gain this control brands need to be able to create, update and delete content with ease, all while ensuring their website remains organised, up-to-date, visually appealing and a personalised experience. That’s where Sitecore’s new SaaS solution comes in, and with the many benefits of Sitecore XM Cloud, leading global brands are considering moving to this new flexible platform. 

So what is XM Cloud?

Using the SaaS (Software as a Service) approach, Sitecore is moving away from significant updates and towards perfect automatic upgrades. The term “Software as a Service” refers to a licensing and delivery model for software that uses subscription-based pricing and central hosting. There is significantly less upkeep required because there needs to be infrastructure or software to install and manage.

Sitecore XM Cloud is an entirely new product, and its features will build off of the offering from Sitecore XM. It works with Sitecore Personalize, CDP, and Content Hub to fill in the gaps and greatly enhance the traditional offerings of Sitecore XP and XM.

Sitecore XM Cloud

Key Benefits of Sitecore XM Cloud

There are many benefits of Sitecore XM Cloud, and it provides numerous advantages for Marketers and Developers alike. XM Cloud utilises a cloud-based infrastructure, personalised customer experiences and advanced analytics, Sitecore’s robust CMS enables businesses to optimise their operations and enhance marketing efforts. What does this mean? Exceptional Customer Experiences which Convert!

Personalisation Potential

One of the key benefits of Sitecore XM Cloud is its capability to provide personalised experiences through the personalise feature in the Pages tool. It empowers marketers to devise dynamic, personalized strategies customised to the customer based on the out-the-box templates in Pages. This functionality enables marketing teams to craft content that resonates with specific groups, thereby boosting the potential for conversions.

Personalised Shopping Experiences

Up-to-date analytics

This data which is available in XM Cloud Analytics empowers your marketing team to refine their strategies and optimise campaigns for success. Additionally, you have the flexibility to experiment with diverse content variations, allowing you to identify the most effective ones for achieving optimal results. This multifaceted approach ensures that your marketing efforts are not only informed by real-time data but also adaptable and fine-tuned for maximum impact.

XM Cloud Analytics allows your brand to gain extensive analytics and insights through the platform, providing a deep understanding of customer behaviour, campaign effectiveness, and real-time data that can be used to back up decision-making. By monitoring user interactions and engagement, you can obtain a comprehensive perspective on key customer journeys.

Fast and Secure

XM Cloud enhances page speed through the implementation of global, high-speed content delivery APIs. Developers can leverage modern front-end Jamstack technologies such as Next.js to swiftly create and deploy exceptional experiences.

XM Cloud is engineered to secure optimal page speed scores for web experiences, it ensures enhanced performance on search engines like Google. 

XM Cloud Speed to Market

Developer Friendly

XM Cloud stands out for its versatility, benefiting not only marketers and strategists but also developers. Sitecore ensures a seamless experience for both developers and marketers through the user-friendly Sitecore Deploy. The integrated Deploy App facilitates the direct deployment of any solution into XM Cloud, offering a diverse set of tools accessible through a new user interface and a top-notch Command Line Interface (CLI).

By providing such capabilities, the efforts required by developers are minimised to deploy and manage their XM Cloud instances effectively. Furthermore, Sitecore advances developer workflows and front-end updates by seamlessly integrating with Vercel, offering a user-friendly experience that contributes to enhanced efficiency. 

Experience the benefits of Sitecore XM Cloud

If you’d like to discuss more about XM Cloud, including migration and upgrade, contact our experts. Partnering with a reputable Sitecore agency or Sitecore partners like Sagittarius ensures a smooth implementation and a platform tailored to your specific needs, including understanding Sitecore Pricing for your brand.

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