Unlocking Insights from Your Onsite Search Data: What Exactly Are Your Customers Looking For

2 January 2024

By: Sagittarius

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Successful online commerce is steered by data-driven decisions, the ability to decipher customer needs and preferences is pivotal in creating e-commerce experiences that are not only satisfying but also increase sales and customer retention. Yet an often overlooked data source is your site’s online search function. 

This data, from a seemingly simple component of your website, can serve as a beacon, highlighting more optimised product offerings, refined user experiences, and strategic marketing campaigns.

Decoding Searches: Beyond Keywords and Queries

The Psychology of Search: Understanding Customer Intent

  • Phrase Analysis: Discerning whether searches are generic (e.g., “sofa”) or specific (e.g., “leather corner sofa”) can offer insights into customer readiness to purchase.
  • Trending Searches: Identifying patterns or spikes in certain search terms to anticipate emerging customer interests.

The Abyss of Zero Results: Navigating Missed Opportunities

  • Zero-Result Searches: Understanding which searched terms are not yielding results, indicating potential gaps in your inventory and offering areas for future product development. 
  • Alternative Suggestions: Implement a system offering alternative products or content when searches yield no results, ensuring sustained engagement. This can also offer opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. 


Strategic Implementations: Tailoring Offerings and Experiences

With a grasp on what customers are actively seeking, strategic interventions can be moulded to align offerings and content with real-time customer needs and interests.

Inventory Optimisation: Aligning Offerings with Demand

  • Product Additions: Using search data to identify potential new products or categories to introduce ensuring that your inventory keeps pace with changing customer preferences.
  • Inventory Adjustment: Ensuring that high-search-volume products are adequately stocked and prominently featured.

Computer showing various product suggestions

Personalisation: Crafting Individualised Experiences

  • Tailored Product Recommendations: Utilising search history to curate personalised product recommendation enhancing their shopping experience and boosting customer loyalty.
  • Customised Content: Presenting relevant content, guides, or blogs that align with a customer’s search history and preferences providing a more enriching experience that goes beyond a mere transaction.

Enhancing User Experience: Streamlining Onsite Searches

  • Auto-Suggestions: Implement intelligent auto-suggest functionality that predicts and presents possible searches based on initial input, making the furniture and home product shopping journey smoother and more intuitive.
  • Filters and Sort Options: Ensure that users can effortlessly refine and sort search results according to their preferences, giving them greater control and satisfaction in their shopping experience.

SEO and Content Strategies: Reflecting Onsite Searches in External Visibility

The insights derived from onsite search data should seamlessly inform your external content and SEO strategies, ensuring that your home and furniture brand is not only visible but also relevant to potential customers.

Content Creation: Addressing Queries and Enhancing Engagement

  • Informative Blogs: Craft content that addresses frequent searches and provides valuable insights into furniture and home products or design trends, establishing your brand as an authority in the field.
  • Guides and Tutorials: Develop guides or tutorials related to high-search-volume products or categories, further enriching the customer experience and demonstrating your expertise.

SEO Optimisation: Ensuring Visibility and Attractiveness

  • Keyword Integration: Seamlessly embed high-search-volume terms into your website’s SEO strategy to enhance external visibility and drive organic traffic.
  • Ad Campaigns: Utilise insights from search data to craft PPC ad campaigns that closely align with what potential customers in the furniture and home products niche are actively seeking, optimising your advertising spend.

Customer Journey Mapping: Crafting a Seamless Path

  • Navigational Ease: Ensure that the journey from search to checkout is intuitive and frictionless, reducing bounce rates and abandoned carts.
  • Accessibility: Make product information, images, and call-to-actions clear and readily accessible, facilitating a straightforward path to purchase, and ultimately, home and furniture satisfaction.

Basket journey

An Insight-Driven Future

Onsite search data emerges as a potent, often underutilised asset, offering home and furniture brands a direct line into the minds and needs of their customers. In a retail landscape where understanding and anticipating customer needs spells success, harnessing the power of search data becomes indispensable.

By sculpting strategies that are deeply rooted in real, tangible customer interactions with your platform, home and furniture retailers can move towards a future where offerings, content, and experiences are not merely presented but are a reflection of what your customers are actively seeking, thus crafting a digital presence that is not only seen but also resonates.

Partnering with a reputable Sitecore agency or Sitecore partners like Sagittarius ensures a smooth implementation and a platform tailored to your specific needs, including understanding Sitecore Pricing for your brand. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you kick off your next project.

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