Contiki commissioned Sagittarius to create a best-in-class travel website that increases leads and drives online conversion as their current website was not a website or a platform that would serve them long term.

Contiki’s millennial audience are digital natives, and their e-commerce behaviour is driven by simplicity, accessibility and personalisation. Their path to purchase is unconventional, fluctuating between inspirational and practical as they plan travel over a long period of time.

The new website needed to provide a lasting solution that would address these behaviours.


The project required the brand to start from the ground up, undertaking a number of key steps to ensure that we had an adequate foundation on which to build an innovative, engaging and human website for our audience.

Contiki selected Sitecore because of its opportunities for personalised content across the site & the ability for them to build personas around need state and travel interests that would increase booking conversion.


A material design approach was taken, making an intangible product look, feel and respond in a tangible way – as well as adding a premium feel that aligns with the quality and value of the product experience.

Designed mobile first, modular content responds across devices.

In addition to personalisation capabilities provided by Sitecore, user experience intends to mimic the experience of talking about travel plans - incorporating natural language search, contextual call to actions and a shallow content navigation that supports millennial fluctuation between inspirational and practical content, facilitating reduced bounce rates.


Due to the immensity of the project we are still recording results, however since launch in August 2016 we have seen positive moves on key performance metrics.

Due to shallow content navigation and contextual call to action and the delivery of relevant content, bounce rate is down 3.62% allowing users to better engage with content.

Leads are up 49% YOY, and successful integrations with Salesforce CRM and contact centre processes allow Contiki to more successfully convert these offline.


Latest News

24 November 2020

Getting Ahead of the Curve, Digital Experiences that Travel

Is your travel brand ready for the traveller of 2021 and beyond?


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