European Study Tours

EST surge through google rankings with SEO campaign back SEO and PPC campaigns improve visibility, increase traffic and conversions for European Study Tours

Their challenge

European Study Tours were looking for assistance with SEO and Paid Advertising to improve their visibility, increase traffic and create more conversions.

Our solution

Website traffic was increased by capturing people earlier on in the buying process. As with most high-value purchases, there is an extensive research stage before most buyers will commit and we wanted to make sure that EST stood out even at these early stages.

It was important to make sure that information that potential buyers would be looking for as part of their research was presented on the website, both in an accessible way and in a way that answered typical questions. Content optimisation was key.

We worked to improve the content across the site to ensure it gave additional information about the destinations and how they were relevant to school trips. This was done to ensure that users who may not be ready to book their trip would still found value in the EST site and would be likely to return to it as a source of information. The higher quality content brought additional benefits to the site’s SEO as a whole.

Our results

Within 6 weeks, SEO campaign activity saw a 9% increase in organic traffic and a 6% increase in tailor-made quote requests. (March 2017)

The EST website now appears as a featured snippet for certain relevant search terms

Google now recognises the EST site as a highly authoritative source of information

The EST website is featured prominently in search results, above all competitor sites, even for terms that it doesn’t necessarily rank No.1 for in normal organic results

While there are no set rules for a featured snippet, the combination of high-quality content presented in a way that is easy for search engines to understand, undoubtedly played a huge role in this.

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