Established in 1947, Jacksons Fencing is a leading manufacturer of metal and wooden garden fencing, gates and accessories; offering more than 1,300 products through their website and outlets.

Sagittarius have worked with Jacksons for over 14 years during which we have collaborated to ensure the primary ecommerce site (www.jacksons- fencing.co.uk) is a dominant 'page one' force in the fencing and garden products sector.


In 2017 Jacksons took the decision to move their website from the existing Sagittarius' in-house developed .NET platform to Sitecore to drive engagement and personalise user experiences.

Being a transactional ecommerce website, the decision was taken to build the site on Sitecore 8.2 with the u-commerce integration.


As part of this development project, Jacksons wanted to revamp their Digital Strategy by addressing the following elements of their site:

  • Improve users navigation experiences across multiple devices
  • Evolve the onsite user experience to harness features of other sector award winning ecommerce websites
  • Improve and ensure a smooth path to purchase including user login area
  • Deliver a mobile ready journey with optimised checkout solution including basket abandonment features
  • Foster a more fluid user journey to improve conversions


The new site checks all of the boxes above and boasts a seamless migration process whereby we were able to preserve SEO value and maintain business as usual ecommerce revenues.

The development also includes the following Sitecore tools:

  • Sitecore Experience Database
  • Sitecore Analytics
  • Sitecore Email Experience Manager
  • Sitecore Federated Experience Manager
  • Sitecore Web Forms For Marketers
  • Ucommerce Integration


The website has seen some fantastic stats since its launch in early 2018:

  • 14% increase in items added to baskets
  • 9% increase in Ecommerce Conversions
  • 14% increase in revenue
  • 83% increase in conversions via mobile

Latest News

14 August 2018

Travel Giant, Red Carnation Hotels Recognised at Ecommerce Awards

The awards are in full swing...


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