mobile conversions surge by 83% with site migration to Sitecore.


  • Sitecore Experience Awards 2019 Honourable Mention
  • 2019 growth revenue up by 12% compared to previous year
  • Goal completions +111%
  • Goal conversion rates +79%
  • Abandoned rate down + 3%
  • Website signup up 25% through social & guest checkout

their challenge

Long-standing client Jacksons Fencing was looking to modernise their site to improve the user experience of trade and consumer audience types:

  • Increase conversions
  • Seamlessly migrate to an E-commerce solution
  • Improve navigation across all devices
  • Increase mobile goal conversion & revenue
  • Deliver fluid and contextual user journeys
  • Support online account management and payment options
  • Personalise experience
  • Create omni-channel experiences

the challenge

As part of this development project, Jacksons wanted to revamp their Digital Strategy by addressing the following elements of their site:

  • Improve users navigation experiences across multiple devices
  • Evolve the onsite user experience to harness features of other sector award winning ecommerce websites
  • Improve and ensure a smooth path to purchase including user login area
  • Deliver a mobile ready journey with optimised checkout solution including basket abandonment features
  • Foster a more fluid user journey to improve conversions

the solution

The new site checks all of the boxes above and boasts a seamless migration process whereby we were able to preserve SEO value and maintain business as usual ecommerce revenues.

The development also includes the following Sitecore tools:

  • Sitecore Experience Database
  • Sitecore Analytics
  • Sitecore Email Experience Manager
  • Sitecore Federated Experience Manager
  • Sitecore Web Forms For Marketers
  • Ucommerce Integration

Sagittarius understand how our business operates and have allowed us to drive sales through digital channels providing us with a successful e-commerce website running on Sitecore as well as an industry-leading B2B website and French website

Nick Bishenden, Senior Marketing Manager - Jacksons Fencing


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