Karndean are a leading manufacturer of luxury vinyl flooring with operations extending across the globe to North America, Australasia and Europe, with the business employing over 350 people.

Sagittarius have been working with Karndean since December on a Sitecore familiarisation program, offering consultancy from personalisation implementation through to a conversion rate optimisation strategy.


Karndean had an existing website built upon the Sitecore 8.1 platform but were not leveraging the personalisation features available.

The objective of the project was for them was to Increase and generate sales leads and increase conversions on the website.

They also have a challenge of being able to talk to the right audiences at the right time about the right products such as specifiers, third-party resellers and consumers across the B2C and B2B market.

Karndean also wanted to implement predictive personalisation and engagement plans to keep the consumer engaged across the journey through the website and ultimately encourage purchases.


SBOS Express consultancy was facilitated with our SBOS Express sessions (Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategy), a short series of workshops developed with Sitecore, involving strategic planning reviews and hands-on training to kick start the personalisation strategy.


The team at Karndean are now more engaged than ever before and are using the exciting features of the Sitecore product.

Profile and personas are now set up so they are gaining insights into the different types of users across the website.

Further results will be seen in the coming months so check back soon and learn how it's going!


Latest News

12 April 2019

Travel and Event Management Company TAG Appoints Sagittarius to Deliver Digital Strategy Overhaul

We're ecstatic to be working with TAG!


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