Building giant Knauf appointed leading Sitecore development agency Sagittarius to redesign and reconstruct their website with a new focus on user journeys and personalisation.

Knauf is a multi-national, family-owned company producing building materials and construction systems who have recently invested in the most advanced manufacturing technology for their business. 


With personalised journeys at the heart of the project, Knauf identified that their audience groups ranged from decision makers and influencers such as architects, all the way through the trade chain to the builders and installers themselves.

They also wanted to create a user friendly, centrally located knowledge hub for consumer installation guides and product information, allowing call centres to focus on customer service related queries.

The project also needed to ensure that the Knauf brand message was digitally represented to all of their target audiences.


Sagittarius are developing not only a beautiful website but also one that harness’s Sitecore contextual marketing and personalisation features, serving different content to different users to enhance the user experience and increase engagement.

The new website will be built upon the latest Sitecore platform with the scope for bespoke functionality to effectively communicate CTAs with different audiences and provide them with the info they need more effectively using personalisation, profiles, personas.


The new Sitecore website is still in development. Head over to our agency blog for news and further updates on this new and exciting project soon.

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