Red Carnation Hotels is a collection of family owned 5 star boutique luxury hotels in London, Dorset, Guernsey, Geneva, Florida & South Africa.

The brand had 18 Sitecore websites globally on an existing Sitecore platform 7.2 and wanted to upgrade to start using the personalisation features that Sitecore 8.2 had to offer.


  • Improve website page loading speed
  • Utilise improved features for Sitecore 8.2
  • Optimise page layout for cross device browsing
  • Improved site rankings from organic search
  • Improve cross site browsing and sales opportunities


  • Successful upgrade of all 18 Sitecore sites to Sitecore 8.2
  • Implementation of personalisation strategy across the brand
  • Better presence within Google search with schema updates
  • Successful Salesforce and Sitecore integration
  • Improvement of page speed with Akamai implementation


  • Akamai Implementation - to improve page speed - caching
  • New site wide optimised layout
  • Upgraded all 18 sites to Sitecore 8.2
  • Integrated Trip Advisor reviews into hotel pages
  • Live feed for the individual hotel rating in the UK from Trip Advisor
  • Implemented schema
  • Salesforce integration with WFFM forms data is shared with CRM system
  • In page contextual upgrades to Synxis booking system updates
  • 10% increase in site stability due to upgrade to Sitecore 8.2

Latest News

19 February 2018

Agency CEO Paul Stephen Shortlisted as Agency Professional of the Year

We're very proud of CEO Paul for being shortlisted in the Travel Marketing Awards!


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