the client

Red Carnation Hotels (RCH), is a collective of family owned, 5-star luxury hotels in London, Dorset, Gurnsey, Geneva, Florida and South Africa.

We work with RCH to deliver a personalised Experience Optimisation Digital Strategy that encompasses every aspect of their business from design and build and CRO improvement projects through to more traditional digital marketing activities such as SEO and PPC.

sitecore upgrades

During our relationship with RCH, we have successfully upgraded 18 global websites built upon the Sitecore platform from version 7 to 8.2 using various integrations to further improve site performance.

In doing this we have: 

  • improved website page loading speed 
  • improve site rankings from organic search
  • improve cross-site browsing and sales opportunities
  • improved site stability
  • enabled personalisation

personalisation & search

We have worked together on specific personalisation projects across the hotel's properties to be better understand the visitor's interests, user journey's and have implemented profiles and personas to segment audiences and improve sales conversions.

Content is also optimised across the sites which enables contextual marketing messages in the form or personalisation to be displayed, increasing the rate of conversion through to booking.

As part of this project, to improve site performance, SOLR search was implemented which allowed commerce pages to display at the top of search results, a large number of items to be indexed in the background, and the ability to exclude pages such as Terms and Conditions to improve the overall search experience.

the future

We are always working on new and exciting projects with RCH so be sure to check back soon and hear more the latest achievements in the Travel industry using Sitecore!


Latest News

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