Sagittarius have worked with Spencer Private Hospitals since August 2014 helping the website increase traffic by approximately 80% year on year.

Spencer Private Hospitals are based within two hospitals situated in South East Kent, owned and operated by East Kent Medical Services. The larger of the two units is a 22 bed independent hospital situated in Margate, which has been open since October 1998. The second hospital comprises of a consulting suite in Ashford, which opened in March 2016.


Through Sagittarius’ digital marketing services, we have been working in partnership with Spencer Private Hospital’s supporting their vision to be recognised as the private provider of choice in East Kent.

Sagittarius initially supported the new website launch in October 2014 ensuring a smooth transition as well as maintaining the historic SEO value of the previous site.

Since then, we have supported Spencer Private Hospitals in all aspects of digital marketing - focused on driving additional traffic to the website through a mixture of new content, SEO and some paid online advertising.


Since the website relaunch, Sagittarius focused on supporting Spencer Private Hospitals in the following areas:

  • SEO support
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Increasing website conversions
  • Researching and creating new content for the website
  • Maintaining the technical health and SEO credibility of the site


Sagittarius supported the relaunch by ensuring the change had minimal disruption from an SEO perspective, this included mapping redirects from the existing site to the new site, speeding up the indexing of new content in the new site by search engines and running technical diagnostic checks on the site once live.

In addition, our ongoing digital marketing support has included:

  • Keyword research for the “Surgeries & Treatments” pages (e.g. what do people search for)
  • Creating content silos for key ‘Surgeries & Treatment” pages
  • Creating a content plan for new page content
  • Researching and writing new content for specific pages
  • Optimising site content for SEO
  • Maintaining the technical health of the site
  • Providing PPC strategy and support
  • Carrying out one off training workshops to assist with digital marketing knowledge
  • Recommending the latest digital trends for future developments – e.g. the importance of a mobile friendly website


Spencer Private Hospitals have reported website enquiries have increased by 44% (Nov 2014- Oct 2015) and in 2016, (Nov 2015 - Oct 2016) they increased again by 82%.

Website enquiries have also doubled each month compared to last year.

The content Sagittarius has written has not only been used online, but offline as well. For example, Spencer Private Hospitals have used content for a successful Allergy brochure, which the consultants were extremely pleased with.

Working closely together we have formulated a great working relationship with Spencer Private Hospitals; we support the client with all aspects of digital marketing, have regular meetings to discuss new techniques, industry news and even provide one off tutorials.


One of the biggest challenges we have found at Spencer Private Hospitals is creating content. Although the new website was launched, it was missing around 50% of the content. We worked with Sagittarius closely and built up the content in terms of treatment revenue.

We believe it is a very simple process. The more good quality content on our website, makes us more searchable, which has effectively lead to more enquiries

Once we had built our treatment page, Sagittarius took it one step further and researched and built content silos based on what patients would commonly ask questions about. Being a private healthcare provider, we needed to go that extra step in reassuring patients and this has to be reflected in the content.

Daniel Harper Spencer Private Hospitals


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