Spencer Private Hospitals

A new website and a dedicated digital strategy achieve increased web traffic and transformed conversion rates.

Their challenge

Spencer Private Hospitals are based within two hospitals situated in South East Kent, owned and operated by East Kent Medical Services. They were looking for a new website and SEO support to increase traffic and conversions. Ongoing requirements were to create new thought-leading content and maintain the technical health and SEO credibility of the site.

Our solution

Sagittarius supported the relaunch by ensuring the change had minimal disruption from an SEO perspective, this included mapping redirects from the existing site to the new site, speeding up the indexing of new content in the new site by search engines and running technical diagnostic checks on the site once live.

The specifics
  • Keyword research for the “Surgeries & Treatments” pages (e.g. what do people search for)
  • Creating content silos for key ‘Surgeries & Treatment” pages
  • Creating a content plan for the new page content
  • Researching and writing new content for specific pages
  • Optimising site content for SEO
  • Maintaining the technical health of the site
  • Providing a PPC strategy and support
  • Carrying out one-off training workshops to assist with digital marketing knowledge
  • Recommending the latest digital trends for future developments – e.g. the importance of a mobile-friendly website

Our results

Within 6 weeks, SEO campaign activity saw a 9% increase in organic traffic and a 6% increase in tailor-made quote requests. (March 2017)

The EST website now appears as a featured snippet for certain relevant search terms

Google now recognises the EST site as a highly authoritative source of information

The EST website is featured prominently in search results, above all competitor sites, even for terms that it doesn’t necessarily rank No.1 for in normal organic results

While there are no set rules for a featured snippet, the combination of high-quality content presented in a way that is easy for search engines to understand, undoubtedly played a huge role in this.

What our client said...

One of the biggest challenges we have found is creating content. Although the new website launched, it was missing around 50% of the content. We worked with Sagittarius closely and build up the quality content prioritised with associated treatment revenue. Quality content made us more searchable and lead to more enquiries.

Daniel Harper

Spencer Private Hospitals

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