Trafalgar pride themselves in offering some of the finest guided holidays in destinations all over the world. Alongside a brand refresh, they wanted to kick off a redesign project of their website to position themselves in their rightful place as one of the travel industry’s market leaders.

Trafalgar’s core offering is all built around the unique experiences such as dinner in the Vatican to specialist vineyards in New Zealand.

Sagittarius created a new website look and feel, user experience and content strategy, delivering ‘experience from the first click’, supported with real time reviews and social posts and tweets across their full global trip offering.


Technical SEO was also a primary objective as the original website created new trip pages, with unique URLs, for each seasonal trip.  As this had a negative impact on SEO, so part of the brief for the new site was to ensure that any trip pages had a single URL and any seasonal variations were presented within the one page.

Improving the positioning of up-sells and cross-sells was also a priority. This required careful technical and user experience planning to get the balance between a customer on a journey and them being spoilt for choice.


The focus on experience saw agency and client teams create a user experience putting the customer ‘there’ using first person perspective imagery and video.

The new responsive site design needed to incorporate this, as well as the new messaging of “Unwind, Meet, taste and enjoy with an umbrella brand message of ‘Love Travel’.

Dynamic reviews and social media were also integrated to ensure that on each trip the customer is looking at relevant user generated content.

Once this understanding was reached, UX wireframes were designed and inspiration was collected from other travel websites into a mood board. The wireframes went through a reiterative process whilst in consultation with Trafalgar’s team and then were used as a basis for the designers to put together the actual look and feel.

A full width video in the header and cinemagraphs were used as part of the homepage design, to showcase Trafalgar’s first person imagery and bring life to the page to create excitement.

Trip pages with an interactive map were also introduced so the user could fully explore the itinerary.


There are many positive results since site launch in 2016, including:

  • Views of the home pages increased by 12.7%
  • Average time on page increased by 7.3%
  • Trip pages’ average bounce rate improved by 23.8%
  • Newsletter sign ups from the homepage increased by 14.9%
  • Brochure views increased by 67.6%
  • Request a quote increased by 31.4%
  • (12 Sept – 2 Oct, 2016 compared with previous period)


Latest News

24 November 2020

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