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Through workshops and training we work with clients to unlock the power of the Sitecore platform.

We provide a wide variety of Sitecore consultancy as part of our overall Sitecore Development services but also offer the following pre-defined packages for existing Sitecore customers.

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Defining customer personas for your online channels is an important part of the digital strategy development process.

Understanding who your target audience is, what their interests are and what influences their buying decisions can have a huge impact on content, personalisation and the user experience journeys you implement across your website.


Personalising your marketing channels increasing conversions and creates dynamic customer segmentation allowing you to serve your visitors with what they are looking for, perhaps before they even want it!

Personalised user journeys are the start of developing meaningful and long-lasting customer experiences. Every interaction a user has on your website should create a data exchange, they learn something new about you and you learn something new about them.

You can then harness the power in this knowledge to make sure only appropriate and relevant messages are delivered to each and every customer.


Segmentation of customers based on their type or point in the sales cycle is how you align your marketing activity to your business objectives. High performing acquisition and retention strategies are not ‘one size fits all’.

Website and Email behaviour and data enables you to understand your audience, segment them into groups based on their implicit and explicit behaviours, allowing you to understand what type of customer they might be.


We can help you reach and achieve your strategic objectives, exploring your brand's digital maturity and how to create lifetime customers.

Through our Business Optimisation, Personalisation and Engagement Workshops, we are able to provide you with the tools to achieve your digital objectives faster.

Sessions include understanding and defining engagement values, personalisation, implementing digital goals and measuring value generated.

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