Defining the personas of your audience is an important first step in your digital strategy process.

Understanding who you audience is and what their interests and needs are and how they are influenced can have a huge impact on what content is attractive to them and what they will consume.


Our digital strategists work alongside brands to help them personalise digital experiences. Personalising your marketing across a number of channels increases conversions and creates dynamic segmentation; allowing you to display relevant contextual marketing messages.

Using a personalised approach to marketing allows you to surface content and CTAs that you think are most relevant to that ‘persona’ during a specific point in the funnel so that you can start developing a user journey that is meaningful. This also cuts down the amount of duplicate content that could potentially be created to talk to different audiences.

Each interaction on your website has the ability for a data exchange; they learn something about you and you learn something about them - personalisation lets you harness this power so that meaningful conversations can continue long after users leave your site.


Segmentation of customers based on their type or point in the sales cycle is how you align your marketing activity to your business objectives. High performing acquisition and retention strategies are not ‘one size fits all’.

Website and email behaviour as well as data, enables you to understand your audience, segment them into groups based on their implicit and explicit behaviours, allowing you to understand what type of customer they might be.

sagittarius workshops.

Our expert consultants are here to help brands achieve their strategic objectives to create lifelong customers. 

We hold business optimisation, personalisation and engagement workshops tailored to your business to help provide your team with the tools required to achieve your objectives faster. 

Sessions include understanding and defining engagement values, personalisation, implementing digital goals and measuring value generated.

We also offer Sitecore-Specific training to help businesses leverage the platform's potential, you can find more information about these here.

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