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Cooke Optics new website redefines and reinvigorates their brand image


Sagittarius was tasked to deliver a brand new website for Cooke Optics to help redefine and reinvigorate the brand image as well as retain their premium positioning which had been built upon a heritage of quality and craftsmanship. Cooke Optics needed to be brought to the 21st century with a greater emphasis on innovation and technology.

About Cooke Optics

Cooke Optics is a global premium camera lens manufacturer with a long history of shooting some of Hollywood’s greatest motion pictures. With a heritage that dates back to 1894 and a legendary product catalogue that is, today, still meticulously hand-crafted by a team of highly trained engineers, Cooke has helped define the look of motion pictures throughout the last century. The brand’s unique strength that competitors cannot directly claim, is “The Cooke Look”: a warm, smooth and natural style that is legend the world over for its aesthetically pleasing result


The Brief

It transpired that there were several challenges to overcome; Cooke’s fragmented estate made seamless customer experiences a challenge, and the team really felt that they’d lost their mojo online. There were ‘too many Cookes’ creating unnecessary friction for the customer. With the relaunch, we needed to achieve the following things: 

  • Reach the right audience – putting Cooke at their fingertips.
  • Inspire with a great experience – that reinvigorates and refreshes the brand in line with product quality and reputation.
  • Serve their best interests through frictionless connectivity – and use digital strategy to benefit the business.

The Solution

Our strategy was to create a digital ecosystem that would help the brand become ONE Cooke. This was achieved by implementing brand consistency, website convergence, and integrated marketing. But there was more to this ecosystem, it was also about being MORE Cooke and helping them differentiate themselves more from competitors, increase relevancy by making their customers feel good and help them know more about Cooke Optics. With a legacy of 3 different websites, we needed to ensure consistency was applied throughout, merging Cooke Optics TV, Cooke Americas and Shot on Cooke in one brand new experience. 

We engineered a brand new website that would have the most impact by focusing on capabilities and delivering bespoke templates, delivering best-in-class design and usability. This also included intuitive and flexible WordPress CMS for content editors and powerful SEO capabilities, finally, we also ensured we were future-proofing it with front-end scalable to enterprise DXP in time, regular core upgrades and continual platform improvements.

Cooke optics’ target audience is drastically different from another audience mainly because they are utterly passionate about art, creating award-winning films that truly stand out in the cinematographic world, leaving a lasting impact in society. With this in mind, it was paramount to implement our image lead designs, demonstrating the results Cooke Optics lenses create, taking the users on a journey through the Cooke lens so they could imagine how their artistic vision could be translated into something tangible. 

It was also really important to provide the users with all the technical information they required on the different lenses to demonstrate the innovation and technology behind these. We introduced features where users could gather technical information in a visual and seamless way, from rotating ranges, key features and test footage included for each lens. This enhanced the experience and confirmed Cooke’s premium position in the market.

To assist in conversions, we introduced an interactive map to allow users to locate their nearest reseller to rent or buy a Cooke Optic lens. 

Although in its infancy, we have already seen a scroll depth page increase by 300% which suggests a higher engagement and a more immersive experience which is exactly what we set out to achieve. 

The bounce rate reduced by 73% which also suggests more engagement and that our SEO work on the site is attracting a more relevant target audience.

But more importantly, the feedback from Cooke has been incredibly positive with an increased number of quality leads coming from their key markets and ultimately with their lenses “selling like hotcakes” which the website is no doubt helping to drive. 

We recommended a Tease, Amplify, Echo strategy, executed across multiple channels, to maximise initial buzz within the community and push our audience down the funnel to the point of enquiry. 

Cooke Optics target audience of cinematographers is highly niche and difficult to accurately target. With this in mind, we conducted in-depth channel research and employed the following targeting methodologies to ensure the campaign reached the right audience in the right places for maximum awareness and engagement:

  • Targeted the following Groups/Competitors: “British Society of Cinematographers, American Cinematographer, American Society of Cinematographers, ASC: The American Society of Cinematographers, Australian Cinematographers Society, Robert Richardson (cinematographer),, BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography, Filmmaker (magazine), No Film School, Red Digital Cinema Camera Company, ARRI, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic Design, NAB Show
  • Job Titles: cinematographers, producers, directors – cinematographers are decision makers and the others are influencers.
  • Job Titles: Videographer, Director Of Photography, Television Producer, Filmmaker, Film Director, Video Director, Film Producer
  • Company Industries: Media Production, Broadcast Media, Motion Pictures & Film, Fields of Study: Film/Cinema/Video Studies, Cinematography and Film/Video Production.
Google Ads:
  • Targeting brand, product and category searches generated by the core ‘amplify’ campaign activity.

To maximise performance, we tested various creatives such as Video, Carousel and Single Image ads across all platforms, optimising towards the best performing creatives.

The ‘echo’ stage of the strategy was designed to convert users – i.e. generate enquiries. We reinforced a shorter version of the campaign message, retargeting users who had viewed/clicked on ads in the main amplify stage of the campaign. These ads were, again, served across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn but also increased visibility on Google Search, reaching users who actively search for Cooke Optics brand / product keywords.

The campaign was hugely successful, generating 584 high quality leads for a very positive CPL of £23.17 and a healthy 3.11% conversion rate. 

In addition, we significantly exceeded all Key Performance Indicators, delivering more impressions, clicks and a stronger CTR – all for a more efficient CPC and lower total media spend.

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