11 March 2024

By: Issy Stephen

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We spoke to Issy Stephen, about her experience at Sitecore DX and presenting at SUGMEA in February. Issy is the youngest-ever Sitecore Strategy MVP and specialises in optimisation and digital strategy.

“I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend Sitecore DX in Dubai. This was followed by the Sitecore User Group Middle East & Africa (SUGMEA) conference the next day. It was an insightful experience from start to finish. Both events were packed with insights and innovation. Many discussions shone a light on the path forward for digital experiences powered by Sitecore.

The Sitecore DX event kicked off with a bang, featuring captivating talks by key figures from Sitecore. One highlight was Dave O’Flanagan, Chief Product Officer at Sitecore, who provided an anticipated confirmation of Sitecore XP 10.4 set to launch in April. His deep dive into viewing the composable products as “your” choice of solution and examples of tech stacks for top-tier clients were great to see. The afternoon sessions were equally compelling. The breakout talks covered a myriad of topics ranging from digital strategy to technical implementation. These sessions provided attendees with actionable insights and practical strategies to elevate their digital experiences.


The following day at SUGMEA, I had the privilege of sharing my insights on Leveraging Composable Architecture to Optimise Digital Experiences. Drawing inspiration from the brand experience of SEPHORA, I emphasised the increasing expectations of consumers in today’s hyper-competitive market. The case study served as a compelling illustration of how brands can leverage composable technology from Sitecore to not only meet but exceed these expectations consistently.


The overarching theme of DX—Disrupt, Innovate, Accelerate—resonated throughout my presentation. I delved into the nuances of creating seamless brand experiences that not only captivate but convert users into advocates. By leveraging the right combination of products and strategies, brands can foster unparalleled user satisfaction. They can drive sustainable growth even in the face of relentless competition.

SUGMEA was enriched further by the contributions of other speakers who shared their expertise and experiences. They delved into the realm of Sitecore XM Cloud, offering invaluable insights into their first implementations of the platform and how it’s accelerating their clients’ strategies. Their presentations shed light on the tangible benefits of Sitecore XM Cloud. They showcased its ability to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results for clients. Additionally, there were two captivating demos of the forms builder and page editors within XM Cloud, showcasing the platform’s intuitive interface and capabilities.


Final thoughts

The Sitecore DX and SUGMEA events in Dubai provided insightful keynotes to engaging breakout sessions. Attendees were equipped with the knowledge and inspiration needed to chart a course towards digital excellence. As we embrace the future of composable tech stacks, it was a great insight into how clients will be able to mould this to their organisation’s needs and goals. Contact us today to learn more about how your organisation can benefit from Sitecore by working with a Sitecore Agency like Sagittarius.

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