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22 November 2023

By: Robert McGovern, Sitecore Optimization Consultant

Category: Sitecore

Sitecore DX in Minneapolis last month was an exciting affair, not just because it filled the gap where the annual Sitecore Symposium gathering would usually take place, but also because it was where Sitecore launched XM Cloud Plus and Sitecore Accelerate.

As Sitecore continues to enlarge its SaaS offering we’re seeing new and expanded cloud products and tools coming to market such as Sitecore Search, Sitecore Content Hub ONE, and Sitecore Connect over the last twelve months.

But with XM Cloud essentially being the Hero product in the portfolio, taking over the mantle from Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), what actually is XM Cloud Plus?

XM Cloud Plus launched at Sitecore DX

What is XM Cloud Plus?

Well, as the name might suggest, it is essentially a beefed-up version of XM Cloud with a bunch of added features and capabilities that make it even more useful to clients, enabling them to deliver experiences that convert to their own customers.

XM Cloud Plus includes XM Cloud (obviously) but adds built-in site search, AI-powered personalization, omnichannel content channels, comprehensive analytics as well as seamless integration and connectivity:

  • AI-powered Search features enable intelligent search recommendations and access to an extensive array of personalisation development tools enables omnichannel personalisation targeting (utilising features associated with Sitecore Search and Sitecore Personalize).
  • An omnichannel content centre lets teams manage all their digital customer touchpoints from a single content repository that ensures streamlined workflows and brand consistency across channels (utilising features associated with Connect Hub ONE).
  • Seamless integrations and connectivity features offer easy implementation within an existing tech stack to create connected customer experiences across channels (utilising features associated with Sitecore Connect).
  • A drag-and-drop Form builder provides customers with an easy way to add data capture forms to their pages and components.

The benefits:

Think of XM Cloud Plus as a more direct upgrade to Sitecore XP as opposed to the more streamlined standalone XM Cloud. As Sitecore say themselves:

“XM Cloud Plus is designed to answer the needs of Sitecore XP customers who have enjoyed a powerful solution in a single product and are ready to make their transition to the cloud, and for brands that want to leverage a composable technology stack but use a proven product combination to simplify deployment and accelerate time to value.”

We’ve seen this ourselves from some clients that are currently on Sitecore XP and considering a future upgrade to XM Cloud but with the standalone version not quite offering feature parity with what they currently had.

This is a smart move from Sitecore and we think that XM Cloud Plus will come to be the Hero product that most clients will adopt over the next few years.

If you would like to explore your options with upgrading your tech stack, or indeed making the move to Sitecore from another platform, Sagittarius can help you on the way. Partnering with a reputable Sitecore agency or Sitecore partners like Sagittarius ensures a smooth implementation and a platform tailored to your specific needs, including understanding Sitecore Pricing for your brand. Contact us today and we’ll help you on your journey.

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