the brief.

Eau Thermal Avène wanted to promote their existing suncare range, whilst also hero'ing new SKUs introduced to the range in 2018. The range includes a variety of products aimed at a variety of different skin types, from hyper-allergic to oily/blemish-prone, so targeting was a key consideration to get right.

the solution.

We started by running in-depth keyword research to identify what themes and topics were of interest to our varied audiences, and what mattered most to each of them. This then helped to inform ad copy and landing page content to ensure a consistent end-to-end customer journey.

We rolled out two phases to the campaign - phase 1 (awareness-raising) and phase 2 (traffic driving).

Eau Thermale Avène's website served the purpose of educating customers not only about the product range but about the sun, its effects and how best to protect against it. Phase 2's job was to retarget the most engaged traffic generated in phase 1, driving them to the main online stockist of the products to make a purchase - The campaign was also supported by an in-store and online offer of Buy One Get Second Half Price (BOGSHP) to encourage trial across the range.

channels leveraged.

Native Traffic: to provide the brand with a presence across premium online publishers, helping to get in front of new audiences and raise the brand’s profile.

Facebook (Custom Audiences): to raise awareness amongst lookalikes of existing customers, as well as cross-sell to custom audiences within the range (for example, customers of Avene's Cleanance Cleansing Gel were served ads for the Cleanance Suncare as a likely product of interest).

Instagram: Carousel and Slideshow ads were used to showcase the range and test engagement levels between ad formats.

Programmatic Display: Programmatic display was used to effectively serve awareness raising ads to a highly relevant audience, based on pixel placement 2 weeks prior to the campaign going live.

Facebook (Retargeting): Collection ads were served across Facebook to the most engaged audiences from each of the above channels to form phase 2 of the campaign. This more tactical ad format enabled us to reinforce the messages from phase 1, and drive highly engaged traffic on to the next stage of the customer journey - purchase.

Paid Search (Prospecting and Retargeting): Prospecting and retargeting ads were used in paid search to scoop up bottom of funnel traffic searching for brand, product and generic terms (such as “suncare for sensitive skin”, directing them straight to to buy - heavily promoting the limited time BOGSHP offer to motivate purchases.

the results.

  • 10,976,160 impressions achieved across channels
  • 36% year-on-year growth in sales achieved during the campaign, which is the second-best growth that Avene UK has ever seen in this sector.
  • 57% year-on-year growth in orders secured by key UK stockists

"We briefed Sagittarius to deliver an integrated digital campaign to promote our Sun Care range in summer 2018. Their strategic approach has helped us to increase awareness of the brand and product range among our core audience and activate new customers - an important factor in our overarching mission to grow market share in this category. They have built upon the success of previous campaigns to deliver a solution that has created real tangible impact to our business, with sales increasing 36% YoY during the campaign. Sagittarius bring a wealth of digital knowledge that means we are constantly able to explore new, measurable routes to reaching our customers." - Charlotte Heckford

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