Avène sees 36% YoY sales growth despite reported category decline.

Their challenge

Their challenge

Eau Thermale Avène wanted to promote their range of sun care products and, in particular, successfully launch three new SKUs appealing to new audiences;

  • B Protect (a tinted, cosmetic sun care targeting a young, urban audience)
  • Sport Fluid (a ‘sweat-proof’, light-textured sun care targeting active men and women)
  • Child SPF (a high protection sun care specially formulated for the sensitive skin of children – targeting mums)

The goal of these launches was to increase total category market share, grow YoY sales revenue and secure YoY growth in demand from key stockists.

Our solution

Through a collaborative workshop with the client team and audience research we identified that our audiences spend the majority of their time in the following spaces online:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Online magazines
  • Searching online about sun care products or related content/concerns
  • Reading reviews and related forums

Full funnel positioning

We leveraged channels strategically to position the brand across the awareness, consideration and decision stages of the customer journey, enabling us to tailor messaging based on funnel position and intent.:

  • Awareness → customers are driven to the campaign microsite on Avène’s website where they can find out about the brand, sun care products and consume other editorial content about the effects of the sun.
  • Consideration –> customers are driven to the stockist to read customer reviews, find out price and buy.
  • Decision –> tactical promotions are used to drive customers straight to the stockist product page to buy.

Alignment with avène's pr/influencer strategy

We aligned our digital activities with Avène’s PR and influencer strategy to reinforce messaging across touchpoints and extend total reach and frequency.

Strategic offers/discounting

The campaign ran alongside in-store and online offers (such as ‘3 for 2’ and ‘25% off’), providing a strong incentive for new customers to trial Avène’s products for the first time. We concentrated these offers into the consideration phase of our strategy to re-engage non-converting traffic in the funnel.


The campaign scaled across five months in total (April-August 2019) to allow us to achieve adequate reach and frequency to grow awareness/brand recall as well as drive sales during the peak summer season. We identified that it was crucial to be visible early in the season to maximise awareness ahead of peak buying times and compete with other key category players.


Avène’s sun-care sales grew by +32% YoY during the campaign; April’s sales were particularly strong at +86% YoY during the first month of the campaign, proving our recommendation to be in market promoting Avène’s sun care range earlier in the year (April 2019 vs June 2018).

This YoY boost follows Avène’s second largest year of growth in the sun care category ever (2018) and was also driven despite a reported decline in the total sun care category in 2019.

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