Sitecore Personalisation Pro

Harness the expertise of our Sitecore Strategy MVPs and unlock the full potential of your Sitecore platform

What is Sitecore Personalisation Pro?

Are you struggling to create meaningful connections with your customers through your Sitecore platform?

Chances are, there’s a gap between your Sitecore technology and your Personalisation Strategy.

Without a cohesive personalisation strategy, you might be missing out on revenue opportunities, overspending on ineffective campaigns, and struggling to demonstrate the ROI of your Marketing efforts and Sitecore investment.

At Sagittarius, we specialise in bridging this gap for our clients, aligning their platform with their overarching Sitecore Personalisation Strategy.

Personalisation Pro

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Sitecore Personalisation

Sitecore personalisation

The result?

  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty
  • Optimized marketing spend and operational efficiency
  • Tangible ROI that speaks volumes to your stakeholders

Now is the time to harness the expertise of our Sitecore Strategy MVPs and unlock the full potential of your Sitecore platform and become a Personalisation Pro!

The solution

Our Sitecore Personalisation Pro solution, is designed to seamlessly implement your marketing personalisation strategy using Sitecore technology.

Through our comprehensive approach, we empower you to leverage Sitecore’s capabilities to their fullest potential, ensuring tailored experiences that resonate with your audience.

With our expertise guiding the way, you’ll unlock the power of personalisation within your Sitecore platform, driving engagement, conversion, and ultimately, business growth. 

Key Benefits & Features

  • Tailored Strategy Development: Leverage the expertise of our Sitecore Strategy MVPs to craft a personalisation strategy aligned with your business objectives and audience needs.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Tailor content and offers based on customer behaviour, preferences, and demographics using Sitecore to increase engagement and conversion rates.
  • Effective Personalisation Implementation: We work closely with your technical team to ensure seamless integration and configuration of the Sitecore platform for personalised experiences.
  • Data-Driven Measurement: Establish a robust framework for measuring the impact of personalisation efforts on key performance metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Improved ROI: Maximise the impact of your marketing efforts by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time, leading to higher ROI and revenue growth.


"We selected Sagittarius because they understood our vision for how the website and digital strategy can play a key role in enhancing the service we provide our clients and helping the company to continue our growth over the next few years. Central to this strategy is personalisation and giving our clients the information and experience they want in the way they want to receive it. We want digitalisation to empower our clients and investors."

Simon Hildrey, Chief Marketing Officer


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Elevate your digital strategy and stay ahead of the competition with Sitecore Personalisation Pro.

Start delivering personalised experiences for your customers that drive results today. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and unlock the full potential of your Sitecore investment.

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