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4 June 2024

By: Sinead Hammond

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Sitecore is a leading provider of digital solutions that help organisations create, deliver, and optimise personalised experiences for their customers across all digital touchpoints. Recognised as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, the extensive suite of Sitecore products empowers organisations to harness the power of data and innovation to drive continuous improvement and achieve their business objectives. Sitecore products include a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and a range of standalone solutions that can be integrated together or used with other market-available software solutions. Choosing the right solution for your business can feel daunting, so it’s important to understand how each product works before making the investment. 

An Overview of Sitecore Products

On-Premise Sitecore Products

On-premise means that the software is installed and runs on servers that are physically located within the organisation’s premises. This setup allows the company greater control over the hardware, data security, and compliance with internal policies.

Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)

Sitecore is best known for its flagship product, Sitecore XP (Sitecore Experience Platform). This platform provides a unified solution for managing all aspects of the customer journey, including content management, personalisation, and commerce. It provides a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling organisations to deliver highly personalised, multilingual experiences at scale. 

With Sitecore XP, organisations can collect and analyse customer data from multiple sources to drive insights and optimise engagement strategies. It’s user-friendly, scalable and offers powerful automation capabilities help brands to scale effortlessly. The newly released Sitecore 10.4 offers an upgraded version of this platform with even more features. For brands who want a robust platform that will empower them to build powerful online experiences, this is the solution. 

Sitecore Experience Manager

Sitecore Experience Manager is a powerful content management system (CMS) that enables developers and marketers to create and deliver content-rich experiences across multiple platforms. XM offers a flexible and scalable foundation for managing content, enabling personalised and engaging customer experiences. XM speeds up time to market and supports multisite and multilingual content delivery. The platform features a marketer-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop editor, a rich text editor, and a comprehensive media library.

SaaS Sitecore Products

Software as a Service (SaaS) means the platform is hosted and maintained by a third-party provider and accessed over the internet. This model allows organisations to use the DXP without investing in their own IT infrastructure, as the provider handles updates, security, and maintenance.

Sitecore XM Cloud

Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud (Sitecore XM Cloud) transforms digital content management, providing marketers with a dynamic, cloud-based solution tailored for seamless customer engagement. With rapid performance, marketers can ensure optimal user experiences, boosting SEO rankings and accelerating content delivery. The platform streamlines authoring processes with intuitive WYSIWYG tools, empowering content editors to curate impactful web pages effortlessly. 

Marketers leverage robust tools for personalisation and testing, optimising user journeys across multiple channels. The headless architecture enables content reuse, reducing time-to-market and enhancing operational efficiency. As part of Sitecore’s composable stack, XM Cloud integrates seamlessly with existing tech stacks, offering scalability and adaptability to evolving business needs. XM Cloud unlocks unparalleled digital capabilities, driving engagement and maximising ROI in today’s competitive landscape.

Sitecore Content Hub DAM

Sitecore Content Hub DAM is an essential digital asset management system designed to centralise all your media assets in a single, accessible hub. This powerful tool ensures that every piece of information, media, and content is stored in one location, enabling seamless delivery to any customer touchpoint. If you’re looking to manage your expanded market across different channels, organise and streamline your media assets, and reduce the time spent searching for final versions of your work, Sitecore Content Hub DAM is perfect for you. It also fosters collaboration without relying on email and simplifies content sharing both internally and externally. With AI-powered personalised experiences, integration with your content management system, and compatibility with tools like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, this platform not only saves time but also accelerates your time to market.

Sitecore Content Hub One

Launched at the Sitecore Symposium 2022, Sitecore Content Hub One is a cutting-edge, headless CMS tailored for both marketers and developers. This platform empowers marketers by providing a simple, user-friendly interface that makes content creation and updates effortless and frequent. Developers can focus on building superior customer experiences without being bogged down by content-related tasks. With Sitecore Content Hub One, you can create dynamic content models suitable for various channels and easily reuse omnichannel content across different mediums. This independence allows the marketing team to operate without constant developer assistance, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity. By leveraging this innovative tool, your marketing efforts will become more efficient, flexible, and impactful.

Sitecore Personalize

Sitecore Personalize is a robust personalisation engine that uses AI and machine learning to tailor digital experiences to individual user preferences and behaviours. It integrates seamlessly with a Customer Data Platform (CDP), which unifies first-party customer data to create comprehensive profiles. By leveraging this data, Sitecore Personalize delivers real-time, targeted campaigns that enhance user engagement and conversion rates. It supports external AI models for next-best actions and optimisation decisions. This personalisation improves user experience, fosters brand loyalty, and is particularly effective in digital marketing, ensuring interactions are relevant and satisfying for each user.

Sitecore Order Cloud

Sitecore Order Cloud is an advanced e-commerce platform that enables organisations to deliver personalised commerce experiences. OrderCloud integrates seamlessly with the broader Sitecore ecosystem, allowing for the combination of content and commerce to create unified customer experiences. This platform is designed to support both B2C and B2B businesses, providing robust tools for managing product catalogues, pricing, promotions, and customer interactions. OrderCloud is headless, API-first and powers some of the world’s most innovative ecommerce brands. 

Sitecore Send

Sitecore Send is an advanced email marketing solution designed to enhance customer engagement through personalised and automated email campaigns. This powerful tool integrates seamlessly with the Sitecore ecosystem, allowing marketers to leverage customer data and behaviour to craft targeted messages. 

Sitecore Send supports A/B testing, robust analytics, and segmentation, ensuring that each email is optimally tailored to its recipient. Its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop editor make creating professional emails straightforward. By utilising Sitecore Send, organisations can boost their marketing efforts, improve customer retention, and drive conversions through effective and timely email communication.

Sitecore Discover

Sitecore Discover is an AI-driven product discovery solution that enhances the online shopping experience by delivering personalised product recommendations and search results. Integrated with the Sitecore ecosystem, it uses machine learning algorithms to analyse customer behaviour and preferences. This provides tailored suggestions that boost engagement and conversions. 

Sitecore Discover supports advanced features like intelligent search, dynamic filters, and predictive recommendations, ensuring customers find the products they are most likely to purchase. Its seamless integration with existing e-commerce platforms allows for easy implementation. By leveraging Sitecore Discover, businesses can significantly improve their customers’ shopping journeys, leading to increased satisfaction and sales.

Sitecore Connect

Sitecore Connect is a robust integration platform designed to seamlessly connect Sitecore products with other systems and applications. This powerful tool enables organisations to unify their digital ecosystems by integrating Sitecore with third-party software, such as CRM, ERP, and marketing automation platforms. This saves time and resources by streamlining campaign management across multiple systems. Its user-friendly interface and pre-built connectors make it easy to set up and manage integrations. By utilising Sitecore Connect, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, improve data accuracy, and deliver cohesive, personalised customer experiences across all digital touchpoints.

Sitecore Search 

Sitecore Search is an advanced search solution that enhances the user experience by delivering relevant, personalised search results. Powered by AI and machine learning, Sitecore Search understands user intent and context, providing accurate and meaningful search outcomes for customers. It integrates seamlessly with the Sitecore ecosystem, allowing for easy implementation and management. Features like predictive typing, dynamic filters, and content indexing ensure users find what they need quickly and efficiently. By utilising Sitecore Search, organisations can improve site navigation, increase user engagement, and drive conversions by making information and products easily accessible to their customers.

Sitecore CDP

Sitecore CDP (Customer Data Platform) is a comprehensive solution for centralising and managing customer data to deliver personalised experiences. It pulls together data from multiple sources, creating a unified customer profile that provides a 360-degree view of each individual user. Integrated with the Sitecore ecosystem, Sitecore CDP enables real-time data analysis and segmentation, helping marketers tailor content and offers to specific audience segments. Advanced features include data enrichment, predictive analytics, and omnichannel activation. By utilising Sitecore CDP, businesses can enhance customer insights, improve engagement strategies, and drive loyalty through highly targeted and relevant interactions across all digital touchpoints.

Sitecore Managed Cloud

Sitecore Managed Cloud offers a fully managed cloud hosting solution for Sitecore products. This service ensures that Sitecore environments are secure, scalable, and optimised for performance. With Sitecore Managed Cloud, organisations can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences while Sitecore handles the infrastructure and operational complexities.

9 Reasons You Should Choose Sitecore Products

  • Unified Customer Experience: Sitecore provides a centralised platform for managing and delivering consistent, personalised experiences across various digital channels, such as websites, mobile apps, and social media.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: By leveraging Sitecore products, organisations can engage with customers in a more meaningful and personalised way, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Content Management and Delivery: With Sitecore products, marketing teams can efficiently create, manage, and deliver content, ensuring that relevant and timely information is presented to users across different digital touchpoints.
  • Enhanced Data Analytics: Sitecore’s advanced analytics capabilities provide organisations with valuable insights for making informed decisions and refining digital strategies.
  • Agile Software: Sitecore is an Agile solution, which allows organisations to quickly adapt to changing market demands and deploy new features or updates more efficiently.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Sitecore products streamline digital operations, reducing the time and resources required for managing various digital channels separately, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
  • Scalability: As organisations grow, Sitecore products offer the scalability needed to handle increased traffic, data, and user interactions, adapting to changing requirements and accommodating expanding digital footprints.
  • Security and Compliance: Sitecore products come with built-in security features and compliance measures, helping organisations maintain the integrity and confidentiality of customer data while adhering to regulatory requirements.
  • Innovation and Competitive Advantage: By adopting innovative digital technologies, organisations can stay ahead of the competition and meet evolving customer expectations, establishing a competitive edge in the market.

How to Get Started with Sitecore Products

Getting started with Sitecore’s product suite is a straightforward process. Begin by exploring which Sitecore products are best suited to your organisation through a Sitecore demo with a trusted Sitecore Partner.

When it comes to cost, Sitecore pricing is based on the size and complexity of the organisation’s needs. There are a variety of pricing options, including subscriptions and licences. If you’re set on Sitecore but are wondering “how much does Sitecore cost?” our team of experts can help you with a bespoke quote for your brand. 

We are a global Sitecore Agency and have been helping ambitious organisations maximise their digital investment for over 20 years. We’ve implemented over 100+ Sitecore solutions to help global brands create experiences that convert.

Check out some of our work to find out more about how Sitecore has powered world-leading brands. You can also read about our Sitecore MVPs. 

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