Sitecore Gartner Magic Quadrant

10 June 2024

By: Sinead Hammond

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For the first time, Gartner has recognised Sitecore as a market-leading Content Marketing Platform. This position of Sitecore in the Gartner Magic Quadrant demonstrates the impact this product is making in the technology space for customers. After placing in the visionary quadrant for the past two years, Sitecore has been recognised in the Leaders quadrant for the first time. This marks an exciting time for Sitecore as it continues to build out its leading suite of Sitecore Products.

Sitecore enables brands to create, manage and measure content to fuel channels and drive marketing objectives. This placing is a strong testament to the innovations and strategy the product teams have put into Sitecore Content Hub One as brands look for the best solutions to take their digital experiences to the next level. 

Sitecore Gartner Magic Quadrant – CMP Praises 

The strengths mentioned by Gartner to make the platform stand out are:

  • Innovation: Sitecore’s AI integration with Copilot puts users ahead with capabilities to develop an initial strategy based on prompts and inputs that inform content types, and workflow tasks that consider the customer journey. This gives teams a head start on work and faster, more insightful speed to market.
  • Offering (product) strategy: Sitecore’s AI-assisted Content Hub helps marketing teams unite fragmented content pipelines and eliminate inefficiencies while the platform automates workflows to aid collaboration across disjointed workforces. The integrated system ensures better brand consistency, localisation efforts, and unified tracking and publishing across channels.
  • Operations: Sitecore’s integrated, suite-based strategy allows customers to leverage GenAI for content marketing through its combined capabilities with other Sitecore (search, DAM, CDP, commerce, etc.) products. It’s a versatile choice for those who need all technology simultaneously, or piecemeal.

Sitecore Gartner Magic Quadrant

Sitecore Gartner Magic Quadrant – Why it’s the Platform of Choice

Content Management

Sitecore enables brands to build, launch and manage lighting-fast, personalised websites that deliver business impact and drive growth. You can modernise and differentiate every aspect of your digital presence with ease. 

Content Operations

Global marketing teams rely on content, and with thousands of digital assets, these need to be managed at scale. From websites to social media, digital ads, OOH, print and more, content is your brand. Poor content operations can hold brands back unnecessarily, but with Sitecore, brands can easily organise content, from strategy to delivery and beyond.  


91% of site users are more likely to convert on a website when recommended with content and information relevant to their user journeys and interests. As personalisation has so much potential value to an organisation, making sure your organisation provides each customer with a unique experience is becoming vital to achieving success. From marketing emails, to support chatbots, Sitecore can deliver real-time personalisation at scale. 

Learn More about the Sitecore Product Suite 

Content Hub is just one of the products from this market-leading digital suite. Find out about some of the other Sitecore products: 

The best way to learn more about Sitecore is to reach out to an expert. Speaking to a Sitecore Partner will allow for a clear understanding of your company’s future goals and ambitions. We can also talk to you about Sitecore Pricing and answer any other questions you may have. Showcasing how the Sitecore solution can help you achieve these goals whilst bringing in a positive return on your investment.

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