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Six Key Takeaways from Sitecore DX Europe

The first Sitecore DX 2023 Europe – Accelerate your Journey was a high-energy one-day conference held in London on 25th April. The day was packed with exciting announcements, informative keynotes, and insightful breakout sessions. Attendees, including ourselves, gained valuable insights... Read more

10 Steps to Migrate to Sitecore XM Cloud

The release of Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud, commonly referred to as XM Cloud, in 2022 represented Sitecore’s continued focus and investment into the cloud-based composable market and therefore allowing brands wider options and approaches to building a modern open composable... Read more

Sitecore Search – Making Search Successful for Your platform

Given that search is expected on a Sitecore implementation and a necessity for your brand to succeed, what are the challenges around winning with search?  There are now more considerations than ever around Sitecore search, and when asked which is... Read more

Digital Transformation Starts and Ends with People

Digital transformation is the buzzword of the decade. It refers to integrating digital technology into all business areas, fundamentally changing how businesses operate and deliver value to their customers. Nonetheless, as newer technologies like AI gain in popularity, there are... Read more

Identify your cost of ownership

The technology landscape has shifted massively within the digital experience space, especially within the past two years.   We are now seeing more and more brands making a move from monolithic platforms to composable DXP solutions.  Moving towards more modern technologies... Read more

The Future of E-commerce with AI

In the last few months, we have observed rapid development of new generative AI systems coming to life and very quickly changing how we work and understand the day-to-day experience of the web, with ChatGPT being the centre of attention.... Read more

4 Ways ChatGPT Can Increase Productivity in UX

Have you ever wondered how you could use large language models to streamline your process as a UX designer? Have you ever thought about using large language models like Chat GPT to enhance your workflow? In this blog post, we’ll... Read more

5 Tips for Getting the Most Value From Your Digital Agency

Your digital agency should be an extension of your team. At Sagittarius, we love working collaboratively with our clients to deliver phenomenal digital experiences for their customers. Having worked in both agency and client-side roles, I think I have a... Read more

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