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A Comparison of Sitecore Experience Platform and Adobe Experience Manager

In today’s digital age, businesses need robust digital experience platforms to deliver engaging customer experiences. Two of the most popular DXPs in the market are Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Sitecore Experience Platform (XP). This article compares and contrasts these... Read more

Unlocking Digital Transformation Success: The Power of Company Culture

Just in case the industry buzzword ‘Digital Transformation’ has passed you, the phrase refers to adopting new technologies and digital tools to change how a business operates fundamentally. It involves using digital technology to streamline processes, improve efficiency, enhance customer... Read more

Web Accessibility: Empowering Digital Experiences with Sagittarius

Here at Sagittarius, we believe web accessibility is vital. As such, I’d like to share with you the importance of website accessibility and the benefits of creating an accessible website for digital marketing clients. Web accessibility is crucial in designing... Read more

4 Benefits of Website Personalisation for Financial Brands

In today’s digital landscape, financial brands face increasing competition and challenges in reaching and engaging their target audience. Website personalisation has become an increasingly important tool for financial brands to enhance the customer experience, increase engagement, and improve conversion rates.... Read more

How to create an SEO content strategy for beginners

It’s a common misconception that SEO (search engine optimisation) can suck the joy out of content creation, turning a ‘content strategy’ into a simple checklist task with little room for creativity. In actuality, SEO not only provides a strong set... Read more

Six Key Takeaways from Sitecore DX Europe

The first Sitecore DX 2023 Europe – Accelerate your Journey was a high-energy one-day conference held in London on 25th April. The day was packed with exciting announcements, informative keynotes, and insightful breakout sessions. Attendees, including ourselves, gained valuable insights... Read more

10 steps to migrate to Sitecore XM Cloud

The release of Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud, commonly referred to as XM Cloud, in 2022 represented Sitecore’s continued focus and investment into the cloud-based composable market and therefore allowing brands wider options and approaches to building a modern open composable... Read more

Sitecore Search – Making search successful for your platform

Given that search is expected on a Sitecore implementation and a necessity for your brand to succeed, what are the challenges around winning with search?  There are now more considerations than ever around Sitecore search, and when asked which is... Read more

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