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Google Announced as DMA Gatekeeper – What Does this Mean?

Google was recently announced as an official gatekeeper of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) – but what does this mean, and how might this affect your digital advertising? What is the Digital Markets Act (DMA)? The implementation of the Digital... Read more

10 Key Takeaways from the Sitecore Holiday Shopping Trends Report 2023

Sitecore’s third annual holiday report for the UK market launched this month, revealing some of the biggest trends in shopping right now. Working with Advanis, Sitecore surveyed over 2000 UK residents to understand their biggest concerns and motivators going into... Read more

Designing the Perfect Basket: The Hidden Secret of E-commerce Success

Inventory management can make or break an online store. It’s about optimising stock levels, ensuring products are readily available when customers need them, and minimising excess inventory that can tie up capital. And whilst brands can look to make improvements... Read more

Maintaining Quality Customer Experience During Peak Sale Seasons

Sale seasons are the biggest shopping times for home and furniture brands. But with this influx of customers, maintaining a gold standard of customer service can prove challenging. To meet this challenge head-on, digital transformation is not an option; it’s... Read more

Sagittarius proudly supports BIMA Digital Day

The twelfth annual BIMA Digital Day took place on Wednesday 8th November and Sagittarius were delighted to receive an invite to attend The Green School for Girls in Isleworth in what was set to be a thoroughly enjoyable event.  What... Read more

Tapping into New Markets and Driving Loyalty During Financial Crisis

In the summer of 2023, sofa giant DFS claimed that the highest mortgage rates since 2008 have “depressed sales volumes by 15% to 20% across the market.” Inflation outpacing wages, fewer first-time buyers, and falling housing prices deterring people from... Read more

Everything you need to know before getting started with Sitecore Send (Part 2)

In Part One of ‘Everything you need to know before getting started with Sitecore Send,’ we laid the foundation for harnessing the power of Sitecore Send in your email marketing endeavours, exploring Sitecore Send’s Email Lists and Campaigns. Let’s continue... Read more

Highlights From Sitecore DX 2023 Minneapolis

The Sitecore DX 2023 Minneapolis event was nothing short of spectacular, captivating the 500+ attendees with a number of exciting announcements and content. For Sagittarius, it was even more exciting as the event marked our official launch in the USA!... Read more

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