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SUGCON Key Takeaways

It was a real pleasure to welcome the Sitecore community to my home town of Dublin last week for this year’s SUGCON Europe. It proved to be an incredibly interesting couple of days hearing from the Sitecore team and partners... Read more

Sitecore Partners

So, you’ve decided to leverage Sitecore’s powerful CMS to take your digital presence to the next level. Excellent choice! Having a robust and adaptable Content Management System (CMS) is a necessity. Sitecore, with its powerful features and marketing automation capabilities,... Read more

Digital Marketing in the Aviation Industry

In recent years, the aviation industry has experienced a significant transformation, driven by the rapid growth of digital technology and changing consumer preferences. As airlines strive to stay competitive and meet the evolving demands of their passengers, embracing digital marketing... Read more

AI in Digital Marketing

More than 88% of brands use AI in Digital Marketing. The days of mass marketing blasts are fading faster than ever. Today’s consumers crave personalised experiences, and digital marketing needs to adapt. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is transforming the way we... Read more

ISO 27001

We are proud to announce our successful recertification for ISO 27001:2022, the latest standard in information security management. At Sagittarius, we take pride in delivering experiences that convert to seamless digital marketing solutions with an unwavering focus on security and... Read more

Sitecore Website Essentials

Building a Sitecore website empowers you to create stunning customer experiences that capture attention and drive engagement. But a beautiful website is only half the battle. Ensuring optimal performance is critical. A slow, complicated or generic website will cause frustration... Read more

Airline Marketing Strategies

74% of total travel and tourism revenue will be generated through online sales by 2027. Investing in robust airline marketing strategies is vital. New trends and technologies offer opportunities for brands to innovate and push boundaries to find new ways... Read more


We spoke to Issy Stephen, about her experience at Sitecore DX and presenting at SUGMEA in February. Issy is the youngest-ever Sitecore Strategy MVP and specialises in optimisation and digital strategy. “I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend Sitecore... Read more

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