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Sagittarius continues its 12th year of support for Race Of Champions.

After a 2 year hiatus, Race Of Champions is back and so are we to support this prestigious event. Race Of Champions is an annual event that brings together the World’s most esteemed racing drivers to compete in a head... Read more

What Is A Customer Data Platform? CDPs Explained

Developments in technology over the last decade have drastically shifted the way that users interact with businesses, placing customers at the heart of experiences to offer tailored interactions that drive conversions. Sourcing the right tools to deliver this is therefore... Read more

Financial Service Trends For Digital In 2022

Over the last two years, trends within the financial services industry have irrefutably been shaped by a post-pandemic world. Now, as we emerge from another year of uncertainty and constantly changing restrictions, priorities have shifted yet again. With more players... Read more

Generating leads and converting; how digital unlocks potential.

From the first primitive mud huts to the ancient pyramids of Egypt and beyond, the concept of ‘construction’ has been around for quite some time. The history of manufacturing is no different as the human race has been creating things... Read more

Omnichannel Marketing Explained

Not to be mistaken as a synonym for multichannel, omnichannel marketing is a ubiquitous approach to marketing that benefits consumers and brands alike. Here, we explain exactly what omnichannel is, how it differs from other marketing strategies and discuss its... Read more

Digital customer centricity in the Construction and Manufacturing sector

Most businesses would aim or claim to be customer-centric. In the Construction and Manufacturing sectors, very few would be able to prove it.  Defining who ‘the customer’ is can be the first and fundamental challenge. The next is to understand... Read more

Constructing the foundations of a robust 2022 Digital Marketing strategy to build growth in the C&M sectors.

Where we spend our money is always a hot topic. Perhaps never more so than now. With Budgeting season well and truly upon us – be it at work and/or at home – the decisions that we make today, or... Read more

Sector talk – digital in construction and manufacturing Digital in construction and manufacturing.

This week I caught up with Paul Chandler, Marketing Director (Emerging Businesses) for Marshalls Plc and owner of Blake & Chandler Consulting Ltd. Paul has a combined 30 years of senior marketing and digital experience specifically in manufacturing and construction.... Read more

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