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Marketing for Tourism: The Biggest Mistakes

The tourism sector is soaring. More and more people are looking for their escape from reality heading into the new year. A spokesperson for Allianz Travel reported they “expect that 2024 will set a new record.” But despite the customers... Read more

Onsite Search Fixes for Every Home and Furniture Retailer

Onsite search is one of your best tools to support a seamless customer journey. Yet 94% of consumers report they’ve received irrelevant search results (Google Cloud). In our experience, we’ve also found a lot of brands feel their search is... Read more

Unlocking Insights from Your Onsite Search Data: What Exactly Are Your Customers Looking For

Successful online commerce is steered by data-driven decisions, the ability to decipher customer needs and preferences is pivotal in creating e-commerce experiences that are not only satisfying but also increase sales and customer retention. Yet an often overlooked data source... Read more

Strategic Personalisation

In retail, an isolated purchase reflects a moment of triumph.  But brands know that true success comes from transforming that single buy into a continuum of recurring revenue. In a landscape marked by budget-conscious consumers and a generation that is... Read more

Gaining Value From Your Product Recommendations: Cross-selling on Any Device

According to a study by Barilliance, personalised product recommendations account for up to 31% of e-commerce site revenues. Shoppers have come to expect tailored product suggestions that cater to their individual preferences and needs.  That being said, providing consistent recommendations... Read more

Google Announced as DMA Gatekeeper – What Does this Mean?

Google was recently announced as an official gatekeeper of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) – but what does this mean, and how might this affect your digital advertising? What is the Digital Markets Act (DMA)? The implementation of the Digital... Read more

Sitecore Holiday Shopping Trends Report 2023

Sitecore’s third annual holiday report for the UK market launched this month, revealing some of the biggest trends in shopping right now. Working with Advanis, Sitecore surveyed over 2000 UK residents to understand their biggest concerns and motivators going into... Read more

Designing the Perfect Basket

Inventory management can make or break an online store. It’s about optimising stock levels, ensuring products are readily available when customers need them, and minimising excess inventory that can tie up capital. And whilst brands can look to make improvements... Read more

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